Introductions Before I discovered how to make huge profits with clunkers, I was a real estate investor. My partner and I would buy run-down houses, then fix them up and sell them.

One day I were looking at a house that I ended up not being able to buy.  This really disappointed the sellers because they said they were desperate for money.

I talked to them for a little while about their situation and found out that they had to have $500 immediately. Trying to help them out, I asked them if they had anything else they could sell. The sellers said they had a used car that they didn't use much and they would be willing to sell it.

I don't remember the exact details of the car, but it was a big domestic 4-door that was about 10 years old. It still ran well and it was in generally good condition. I didn't have any use for the car and I had no idea how much I could sell it for, but I decided to buy it from them for $600.

I asked if I could take if for a test drive and have it checked out by a mechanic.  They said sure so I drove it straight to a car wash and then poured Armor All all over the tires and interior and drove it past a couple of construction sites where I was offered $1,500.00 for it.

I collected the $1,500.00 too $600.00 to the owner and got the pink slip and walked away with $900.00 for about two hours work.  Not bad I though, and it's exactly the same thing I've been doing for years with houses, except this is way easier and there is no risk like there is with houses.

I never took a penny out of my pocket to buy the car.  I had a buyer before I paid for it and used the buyers money to pay the seller for the car.  I was just a middleman.

So, after repeating this process several times, I wrote the definitive manual on how to do it and I called it CarBucks.

Now you can do the same thing I did over and over again and make as much money as you desire without taking any risk at all.

I've invested hundreds of hours of my time into CarBucks so that you can get yourself out of whatever predicament you find yourself in.  I'm not selling CarBucks for it's original price of $134.00, now you can have it for only $9.95 if you act in the 24 hours.

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